Subsonic on Synology NAS

So I installed Subsonic on my synology NAS.

I installed the standalone version, because all the rest (docker, spk, …)was giving some kind of problem (no transcoding, file permissions, …)


ssh to NAS with root

First of all, install ipkg (follow:

after ipkg is installed, do:

$ipkg update
$ipkg install ffmpeg
$ipkg install bash

Now for the Subsonic part:

$mkdir /var/subsonic/standalone
$ tar xvzf subsonic-6.0-standalone.tar.gz
$ cd /var/subsonic/transcode

In the transcode folder create a symbolic link to ffmpeg

$ln -s /usr/syno/bin/ffmpeg ffmpeg

Edit the file as needed
go to bash (you installed via ipkg):


Start subsonic:

$ cd /var/subsonic/standalone/
$ nohup ./ &

  • ¬†the reason to install bash via ipkg is that the synology “bash” doesn’t support nohup, so Subsonic stops after you logout of your ssh session.


As an alternative, you can also install Tomcat (via the repositories) and deploy the war (mind you, you need to manually create the folder /var/subsonic  and /var/subsonic/trancode with the symbolic link to ffmpeg)

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  1. Hi!
    thanks a lot for that, it’s working very well on my DS-415.
    However, do you know how to survive a reboot, and to avoid to SSH each time?

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